Be Your Own IT Dept. – Computer Update Edition

When I was outfitting the office, I got an HP Pavilion.  It was a fast, powerful machine at a great price.  I have spent more time with customer service and updates and system restores in the last 6 months than I had in the prior 14 years with Dells.

Once again the computer took it upon itself to update the BIOS.  I’m sure everything runs smoothly after the update other than the fact that the screen disappears.

I had client issues this morning and the need to produce documents, but I was turning my computer on and off while waiting to go back in time to restore points.  While the computer was running again and my display was working, my security systems had been deleted.  I had to uninstall/reinstall Norton360 and the fingerprint facility that stores passwords.  I guess I better remember them now.

Automatic updating has now been turned off.  The several hours I spent as IT guy were hours I did not spend billing clients and earning fees.  Next time, I’ll purchase my computer at Best Buy (if they’re still around) and get Geek Squad.  I have not found a comparable independent, but someone to call and fix things would take the pressure off.